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RSA 11/30/2020

So last week I greeted everyone listening/watching on the new YouTube channel. Of course, having done that a track was flagged as unplayable and I couldn't post the show. But no such problems this week! If anything, the difficulties I've had have been beneficial, as I've reached out to several artists who had tracks blocked, and they weren't aware this was happening. So net benefit! Just like how we've got great new stuff for you all this week!

Desastroes - Heartbeat Undone
Uncreated - Leaving Now (Core)
Blacksmith - Dominated
Freaky Mind - The Reason
Piston Damp - Something In Me (Technomancer)
Schwefelgelb - Reflex
Minusheart - Warm Machines (ProjectE)
Massiv In Mensch - Gestrandet


 2020-11-30  n/a