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take A ride - till U steam „Stoom“ is our world of Steam House, we call home. From „Stoom“ CoB are introducing the Steam House age with a unique groove that rolls and whistles like our steam train - on and on. On board of the train, CoB will take you on an uplifting ride to another world in another time... till U steam. You will see creative art & fascinating performances, steam punk fashion & virtual meeting rooms. Feel welcome - We Are Steam House and so are you. We love to stop our train at the biggest clubs and festivals. Our station already were: - ULTRA Music Festival Miami / USA - ELROW London / GBR - Hï Ibiza / SPA - Electric Mountain Festival / AUT - PACHA Munich / GER CoB have produced and released many tracks. All have been top charts-listed 2020 CoB started their own web-radio "Spinning Beats Radio“ Since 2021 the Steam House Radio Show is on radio worldwide, reaching millions of listeners. Visit us on:


Steam-House Radio Show No 02

Friday 17:30 (CET); We are back 4 U with this !
The last months we were busy to set up CATS ON BRICKS in a complete new way. We created the genre "Steam House" and produced our very own signature sound, special remixes and complete new tracks.
We also have a new dress code, closely related to "Steam Punk". 
Our stage show is new, wild and unique, also perfectly fitting to virtual clubbing. Don't miss out on that.
On top we now have a hosted radio show distributed worldwide. Here it is !
On SPINNING BEATS RADIO ( our shows will be on air several times per week, so on many other stations worldwide... enjoy…

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 2021-03-31  1h0m