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episode 16: MGoPodcast 12.12: Eyeblinders and Earmuffs

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1. UCF Recap

starts at 1:00

We liked 65% to 85% of that game, depending on whether we were bothered by Kenpom time. Being bothered by Dickinson's minutes at the beginning isn't original anymore. Being bothered at block/charge calls on the other hand.

[The rest of the writeup and the player after The Jump]

2. Harbaugh Extension?

starts at 23:18

The news so we discuss its likelihood, what it means for Harbaugh and the staff, and then try to talk ourselves into it when we're really more of the opinion that we'll just have to do it again soon..

3. Hot Takes, Women's Hoops, and Hockey

starts at 41:52

Muppets-worthy win over Notre Dame for the women's hoops team, which has more than Naz as the two Browns, one homegrown the other stolen from Nebraska's bench, have created one of the best forward groups in the country. Amy Dilk is coming on now too with a lot fewer turnovers. Hockey, well, it was and it wasn't. They are young, and getting pillaged for the next series.

4. Around the Big Ten wsg Jamie Mac

starts at 1:04:15

Indiana football. Frames punts on 4th and 1 and it goes 20 yards. Possible play-in opponents.


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