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episode 46: 46 - Joe Manganiello (Archenemy)

Actor/Producer Joe Manganiello joins host Jenny Curtis for a conversation about his career path, process and new film, ARCHENEMY. 


0:46 - When Joe first knew he wanted to be an actor

3:08 - Joe’s experience at Carnegie Mellon in a cut-program. 

3:55 - Shooting a movie in secret while at school

5:08 - The exhaustion of making it through his acting training

6:43 - Lessons in school that clicked while filming MAGIC MIKE XXL and TRUE BLOOD

9:06 - Graduating and moving to LA following his NY showcase

9:40 - Not wanting to do TV 

10:30 - Auditioning for SPIDER-MAN

12:29 - The 8 year path from SPIDER-MAN to TRUE BLOOD and moving from character actor to leading man. 

14:55 - The experience of being part of a highly skilled team of creatives on TRUE BLOOD while performing outlandish storylines. 

17:31 - The concern of his work being marginalized and joining MAGIC MIKE. 

20:20 - The Twilight routine in MAGIC MIKE XXL

21:20 - Working and training with a partially torn bicep throughout MAGIC MIKE XXL

23:34 - Creating his production company 3:59 with his brother and making BOTTOM OF THE 9TH

25:37 - The story behind the name of his production company and the story of Roger Bannister

27:55 - Joe’s love for the film MANDY and how that led to ARCHENEMY

28:33 - Having the same vision as the ARCHENEMY director, Adam Egypt Mortimer

30:17 - The character work that Joe did to prep for the role of Max Fist and learning about the homeless lifestyle. 

32:03 - Having a “meth coach” on set

32:21 - The tight schedule of a 17 day shoot and the challenges that entails. 

34:24 - Having a split-brain during precise fight choreography 

35:17 - What ‘acting’ is to him. 

36:00 - The fulfillment that comes with producing your own work

37:04 - Having a life in storytelling. 


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 2020-12-07  39m