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Welcome to the sports abyss. Hosted by law school buddies Francisco, Andrew & Charles, the Goofs riff on sports when they're not going on tangents about food, video games, & entertainment. We got it all including NHL hockey, NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball & NCAA college sports. Every week we try to learn about a forgotten player, a hall of famer, a woman in sports, a minor league team, & an international team. Plus we commend some folks in sports by dubbing them the Real MVPs & scorn others who are just Goons. We end every show with wrestling talk on WWE, AEW, New Japan, etc. Support this podcast:


episode 84: SG 84: Indiana Pacers w/ Brendan Rourke ; NBA Trade News; NHL Reverse Retro Reviews; WWE Unionization | SPORTS GOOFS ????

On this episode we were joined by Brendan Rourke (@B_RourkeSports on Twitter), Writing Contributor of

Topics this episode:

1. Indiana Pacers & Victor Oladipo

2. Bucks, Suns, & Rockets trade scenarios

3. NHL Reverse Retro Jersey full reviews

4. Non-Sponsors: Dell, LongHorn Steakhouse, Oregon Trail, Playbook Products, & Grey's Anatomy

5. Gottlieb's Goons: King Dedede, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves

6. Real MVPs: Dan LeBatard, Freddie Freeman, Florida Panthers, Miami Marlins

7. The Cage with Charles: WWE Unionization Issues

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 2020-11-18  2h24m