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We scour piles of old 45s for the very best in all Rock'n'roll and soul genres to feature snippets in our online jukebox. This podcast gets the jukebox to you in a great new way.


Down To Zero by Joan Armatrading

Label: A&M 1898 dj
Year: 1976
Condition: M
Price: $20.00

This is a new, unplayed Stereo/Mono promo copy, in its original factory sleeve. Simply astounding! I saw Armatrading in concert in 2015, and she's still as impressive as when I first heard her back in the mid-1970s. This is one of her signature tunes, without which you simply don't have a Joan Armatrading collection. :-) Love it so much I had to put an mp3 "snippet" in our jukebox; sorry for its length: I couldn't find an earlier place to cut it and wanted to preserve the lovely Stereo mix. By the way, if you love the song you'll never hear a better rendition of it than on this little 7-inch 45: The sound is astounding and even better than on the "Joan Armatrading" LP from which it comes.


 2016-04-20  2m