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episode 47: 47 - Chris Columbus (The Christmas Chronicles 2)

Prolific writer/director/producer Chris Columbus joins host Jenny Curtis in a conversation about his career path, incredible collaborators, experiences working with children, behind the scenes stories and his newest holiday adventure, THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES 2. Through the conversation they discuss: 

1:08 - His experience in this holiday season and not watching many holiday films. 

1:52 - When Chris knew he was going to be a filmmaker, his path to NYU and his first screenplay written on the nightshift of his summer job. 

5:22 - The luck of Steven Spielberg reading GREMLINS, the call Chris got that brought him to LA, and working at the Amblin office. 

8:08 - A lesson learned by getting fired from INDIANA JONES. 

10:20 - Connecting to John Hughes and turning down NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION after not connecting with Chevy Chase, and getting the script for HOME ALONE.

12:15 - Being new to stunts for HOME ALONE and being nervous for the stuntmen. 

13:55 - His unique approach to working with children on HOME ALONE and HARRY POTTER. 

16:25 - The magic of working on HARRY POTTER

17:19 - How Chris is drawn to films that take place over Christmas

18:38 - Putting his own family in his films

19:16 - Why Chris decided to write/direct CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES 2

20:28 - Working with Kurt Russell and the strong woman Goldie Hawn played in Mrs. Claus.

23:45 - Creating the language of Elvish working with Darby Camp. 

25:16 - Traveling back in time in the film. 

26:03 - Stealing from himself in his films

27:09 - Why he made RENT in the way he did. 

28:53 - Listening to film criticism and having critical response differ from audience response. 

30:55 - Having mixed reviews on MRS. DOUBTFIRE while having successful test screenings. 

31:57 - Working with Robin Williams and MRS. DOUBTFIRE and his cameo in NINE MONTHS

34:21 - His company with his daughter Eleanor, Maiden Voyage

35:49 - Supporting Robert Eggers in sticking to his guns on THE LIGHTHOUSE. 

37:28 - Loving to shoot musical numbers and the days on set that are joyful. 

37:55 - Being ready to quit and being pulled back. 

38:30 - His life in storytelling. 


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 2020-12-14  40m