Terrible Warriors

Terrible Warriors is an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Tabletop RPGs. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we’re here to show that anyone and everyone can play.



episode 3: Session Zero: Cyberpunk RED

In our next Session Zero we plug into Night City and create our crew playing Cyberpunk RED in one of the most iconic RPG settings of all time.

Special thanks to R. Talsorian Games for sending us a copy of Cyberpunk RED to try out and you can get your own copy now on talsorianstore.com

Today's Terrible Warriors were Justin Ecock, Brendan Frye, and Velvet Duke

Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound

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The audio has since been corrected but an original release of this episode made the mistake of saying that CD Projekt Red purchased R. Talsorian Games. This is not true and R. Talsorian remains independently owned by the Pondsmith family.

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 2020-12-16  52m