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513 GG North or Northbound. Subjunctive Verbs.

Carrie from New Orleans asked me to help her understand whether she should say "I wish I were more perceptive" or "I wish I was more perceptive." It's a great question because it's something that a lot of people don't know. (Follow along on the website: A listener named Cyndi works in the auto claims department at an insurance company and asked how to use directional words--for example, when should she use "north" and when should she use "northbound"? (Follow along on the website: PODCAST AWARDS Nominate Grammar Girl for Best Education Podcast at (They'll ask for the show URL. Use this: SPONSOR AMAZON AFFILIATE CODE E-BOOK: GRAMMAR GIRL'S QUICK AND DIRTY TIPS FOR BETTER WRITING On sale for $2.99 through April: Kindle: Nook: FOLLOW GRAMMAR GIRL Twitter: Facebook: Snapchat: Pinterest: Instagram: LinkedIn:


 2016-04-22  9m