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Myths | Legends | History A podcast dedicated to all things Lost, Unexplained and Straight Up Strange. From ancient lost cities to paranormal phenomena and legendary creatures, Into the Portal is your gateway to the bizarre. Join Hosts Amber Rae and Andrew McKay as they approach topics you have never heard before, taking an in depth look through an alternate lens… To the other side of the portal.


episode 141: Kongamato: Devastator of Boats

Throughout the continent of Africa, there exist stories of creatures that are simply not from this time. Witness reports of massive unidentified flying entities that resemble the likes of a giant Pterosaur. Known to locals as the dreaded Kongamato, the legends tell of a fierce winged beast with leathery reddish black skin lurking in the remote swamps and riverways that few dare to venture into, with even fewer returning to tell their tales.
Known to most western researchers as nothing more than a cautionary tale, could the Kongamato be hiding in the vast primordial swamplands of Zambia? One thing remains sure: people have certainly encountered something bizarre, something that remains unexplained... Join us on ITP for a special Patreon Vault Release, as we search for the legendary Kongamato!

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 2020-09-07  1h1m