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Myths | Legends | History A podcast dedicated to all things Lost, Unexplained and Straight Up Strange. From ancient lost cities to paranormal phenomena and legendary creatures, Into the Portal is your gateway to the bizarre. Join Hosts Amber Rae and Andrew McKay as they approach topics you have never heard before, taking an in depth look through an alternate lens… To the other side of the portal.


episode 9: Unknown Siberia: Secrets of the Depths

Many have heard of Siberia, but few can claim to know the many historic secrets and unexplained phenomena that are home to this vast hostile landscape…

From ghost armies that are known charge across the frozen waters until disappearing suddenly into the fog, to the many sightings of UFO's and USO's - Unidentified Submersible Objects - that soar from the depths across star strewn skies in dazzling displays of light, the areas of Lake Baikal and Lake Issyk-Kul have become well known for the sheer amount of unexplained events that have taken place throughout the ages.

Even more bizarre is the evidence surfacing from the depths of Baikal and Issyk-Kul which increasingly suggests that ancient civilizations much more advanced than previously thought existed and became submerged by the unpredictable natures of the Rift Lakes that are known to dramatically shift their surface level in unpredictable ways.

Join us on Into The Portal as we discuss these bizarre occurrences, and investigate the possible links between ancient times and modern unexplained phenomena of remote Siberia.

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 2018-04-09  1h24m