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Just in time for the holidays!!! OKR is back with some kick ass music from bands throughout the world mixed with some of DJ John B's favorite songs for the holidays!! This year has been tough... but we have made it so far!! When in doubt.... just remember there are only so many Hamms out there... and we need to crush them all!! All seriousness though... we wish you all nothing but love and wish you the happiest of holidays!! Keep your head up as we will get through all this together. Thank you again for tuning in and for telling all your friends about our podcast!! Be sure to check us out on our intagram as we will be creating some fun videos, and other random things to have fun with you to pass the time. CLICK HERE to download the show. PLAYLIST: (Click on the song to buy music & click band name for their instagram/ webpage) Don’t Turn Me Down by The SpyralsOff their latest album ‘Same Old Line’ out now on their BandCamp page. Type Of A Girl by Indonesian JunkLatest single out NOW!! Be sure to check it out on their BandCamp page. First I Make Love To You, Then I Make Love To Christmas by Ivan HrvastskaOff his album ‘Seasons of Love’ out now!! Vanilla Blue by The AddisonsLatest single from one of my favorite bands from Chicago covering one of my favorite bands from Chicago!! Can’t Tell Me Nothing by Chubby and The GangOff their latest release ’Speed Kills’ out no now on Partisan Records. Love Comes In Waves by Andy BellOff his latest release ‘The View from Halfway Down’ out now on Sonic Cathedral Records. Nothing At All by Emma KupaOff her latest release ’It Will Come Easier’ out now on Palo Santo Records. Christmas in Prison by John PrineOff his album ’Sweet Revenge’ out now!RIP to one of my favorite song-writers ever. Fall Down by Bo and the LocomotiveOff Bo Bulawsky’s latest album ‘Everything Was Wild’ out now on his BandCamp page. Snow Day by ShameOff their soon to be released album ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ coming out next year on Jan. 15, 2021 on Dead Oceans. Cosmic Unknown by The ArchaeasOff their latest self-titled album out now on Goner Records. Day Ripper by Bee Bee SeaTitle track off their latest album out now on Wild Honey Records. Santa’s Beard by They Might Be GiantsOff heir album ‘Lincoln’ out now. Big City, Lil Stompers by TreeminderOff their latest Self-Titled release out now on their bandcamp page. The Monday After Easter Sunday by ShutupsOff their latest EP called ‘5’ out now on Kill Rock Stars!! Roller Cloud by The StroppiesOff their latest release ‘Look Alive’ out now on Tough Love Records. Skate Depot by Channel TresSingle for the soon to be released EP ‘I CAN’T GO OUTSIDE’ on Art For Their Good. Space Age Santa Claus by Pattie Marie Jay with the Hal Bradley OrchestraA great 7” single out on Delhi records that I picked up years ago. You can still get it digitally from Trunk Records but recommend looking out for this one for your holidays record collection. I Will Follow You Too by Brief CandlesLatest single out now on their BandCamp page. Schism Trek by MamalarkyOff their latest Self-titled release out now on Fire Talk Records. Take It Back by The Luxembourg SignalOff their latest album ‘The Long Now’ out now on Shelflife Records. Outta Reach by The Woolen MenLatest single for their monthly digital series which you can pickup at their BandCamp page. Donde Esta Santa Claus by Augie RiosOne hell of a 7” single that I have to play every Christmas. The back side of the 45 has the song was backed with the song "Ol' Fatso (I Don't Care Who You Are Old Fatso, Get Those Reindeer Off My Roof)." which is also a fun one but not as cool as that song. Innocence by Adult BooksLatest single out now on Taxi Gauche Records which you can pick up on their BandCamp page. Making Time by Silver SyntheticOff their latest EP ‘Out of the Darkness’ out now on Third Man Records. If It Doesn’t Snow For Christmas by Joe PesciOff the album...


 2020-12-18  1h44m