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episode 60: FOW060 – Being Queer in China (with Zeyi Yang) [EN]

  • Zeyi Yang
    • Zeyi’s website
    • Zeyi’s Twitter
  • Zeyi’s story about how a two gay Chinese men became two gay Chinese dads
  • episode FOW028 about LGBTQ* rights in Taiwan
  • Queer Chinese movies from a while back: „Lanyu“ (2001), „Farewell my Concubine“ (霸王别姬/Ba Wang Bie Ji, 1993)
  • Danmei
  • Chen Qing Ling 陈情令 / The Untamed (available on Netflix)
  • Rough Translation episode with Emily Feng on the „scandal“ around Xiao Zhan
  • Web series „Addicted“ (上瘾/Shàngyǐn)
  • Queer as Folk (TV Series)
  • Zeyi’s article about China’s „subtitle army“ for queer content
  • episode FOW029 about LGBTQ* rights in Hong Kong
  • Recommendations
    • Sixth Tone
    • „Beijing Comrades“ by Bei Tong (basis for „Lanyu“)
    • „All in my family“ (2019) by Hao Wu


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