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episode 165: The Chaotic Year in Review, Part II

Leadership Lessons in a Time of Crisis


This year's theme has been leadership, which is where the biggest lessons and growth opportunities have happened. Many times my growth opportunities have really pushed me out of my comfort zone. 


If you're in business, you'll end up in situations where you are taking a leadership role. There will be situations of crisis, hopefully not to the extent we've had in 2020 again. I make a joke that if we can get through this year, we can go through anything! Future challenges are going to be a cakewalk in comparison to 2020. 

Pay Attention to Variables You Can Control

If we paid attention and took care of variables we could control, we can have a very bright future. Throughout all of 2020, this is the approach my team took, and I'm very proud of how my team handled this chaotic year!

Listen in to find out:

  • Leadership lessons learned from 2020
  • Why money doesn’t trigger me anymore
  • How outsourcing is vital for company growth
  • Why you should focus on variables you can control
  • How taking risk can give you more opportunities

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 2020-12-22  17m