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Episode 423: Ed Yong

Ed Yong spent 2020 covering the pandemic for The Atlantic. His latest feature is "How Science Beat the Virus."

“I am trying to give readers a platform that they can stand on to observe this raging torrent that is the pandemic, this cascade of information that is threatening to sweep us all away. I’m trying to give people a rock on which they can stand so that they can observe what is happening without themselves being submerged by it. But I am trying to construct that platform while also being submerged in it.”

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Show notes:

Yong on Longform
Longform Podcast #386: Ed Yong
Yong's archive at The Atlantic
08:00 "How the Pandemic Will End" (The Atlantic • Mar 2020)
08:00 "The Giant Pool of Money" (Alex Blumberg, Adam Davidson, and Planet Money • This American Life • May 2008)
16:00 "Our Pandemic Summer" (The Atlantic • Apr 2015)
16:00 "What the Racial Data Show" (Ibram X. Kendi • The Atlantic • Apr 2020)
18:00 "How the Pandemic Defeated America" (The Atlantic • Sep 2020)
19:00 "How Science Beat the Virus" (The Atlantic • Jan 2021)
34:00 "Q&A with Ed Yong" (Delia Cai • Deez Links • Nov 2020)

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 2020-12-23  49m