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Sylvia with her galaxy hair and Tom with his no hair, in a lab!STEMteach1 is Tom's interview with STEM Teacher Silvia Choi. STEM education is fascinating area of discussion for this podcast. Silvia is a teacher in Sydney who has taken a break from teaching to learn more for herself about teaching. Silvia is very passionate about teaching and it was a pleasure to talk to her about her ideas in STEM.

We'll be talking to more teachers and students on STEMpunk in the near future.

Show notes:
CAASTRO in the classroom
Bring your own device (BYOD)
Steiner School
Global Challenges Monash University
Pandemic - Board game

Here's Sylvia on Twiter: @crystalbeam

Outro Music: STARSET -Let It Die. Used with permission.


 2016-04-25  47m