Another Berlin

Hello and welcome to Another Berlin. We are Katarina and Cody. We both moved to Berlin a few years ago and the whole idea for this podcast came from wanting to explore the history and culture of the adopted city we love. We want to better understand what makes this city unique and inspires so many to want to call it home. So we will be doing in-depth dives into the ideas and movements that shaped this city and its culture, in parallel with the mainstream.


episode 5: Tempelhof: Everything and Nothing

In many ways, Tempelhof is both everything and nothing at the same time. A seemingly endless space that’s known and loved as much for all the things it has, as for the things it doesn’t. What is it that keeps people coming to this park year-round, and why is the public so invested in it?

In this episode we explore the history of the park going back to the 1800s, what the future might bring and the different reasons people love it. Through interviews, soundscapes, and narrative we explore the largest park in continental Europe.

Episode 05 is by Katarina Petrovic, Cody Swanson and Nic Piña.
Artwork by Katarina Petrovic
Music by Cody Swanson


 2020-12-26  40m