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Linux Action News 170

A lot of open source development was packed into 2020, we recap some of the standout moments you should know about.

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  • Linux Action News 166
  • The AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Makes Up Roughly 10.5% Of The Linux Kernel
  • The New Microsoft exFAT File-System Driver Is Set To Land With Linux 5.7
  • The Linux Kernel’s Scheduler Apparently Causing Issues For Google Stadia Game Developers
  • Torvalds’ Comments On Linux Scheduler Woes: “Pure Garbage”
  • Thanks Oracle! New Patches Pending Can Reduce Linux Boot Times Up To ~49%
  • Systemd Had A Pretty Big 2020
  • Systemd-Homed Merged As A Fundamental Change To Linux Home Directories
  • Linux Action News 163
  • New Linux Features, Timely Hardware Support & More
  • Red Hat Recommends Disabling The Intel Linux Graphics Driver Over Hardware Flaw
  • A KVM Virtualization bug on Intel Processors because of Unfinished Code
  • Intel Gen12/Xe Graphics Have AV1 Accelerated Decode - Linux Support Lands
  • AMD Wowed Linux Users In 2020 With Their Fantastic Zen 3 CPUs, and Timely New Open-Source GPU Support
  • Linus Torvalds Switches To AMD Ryzen Threadripper After 15 Years Of Intel Systems
  • Balancing the needs around the CentOS platform –
  • 2020 Was Another Interesting Year For Microsoft Around Open-Source/Linux
  • WSL2 Reaching General Availability In Windows 10 v2004
  • Microsoft President Brad Smith Acknowledges They Were Previously Wrong On Open-Source
  • Microsoft Is Writing Its Own Wayland Compositor As Part Of WSL2 GUI Efforts
  • Microsoft Edge Is Coming Out For Linux Next Month
  • KDE Saw Its Wayland Support Stabilize Nicely In 2020, Much Polishing Throughout
  • KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS Released After A Lot Of Polishing, New Features
  • LINUX Unplugged 385: The 2020 Tuxies
  • GNOME In 2020 Saw Many Optimizations, GTK 4.0 Released, GNOME 40 In Development
  • GNOME OS Is Taking Shape But Its To Serve For Testing The Desktop
  • GNOME Circle Officially Announced For Letting More Apps/Libraries “Join GNOME”
  • GTK 4.0 Toolkit Officially Released