Curiously Polar

The Arctic and the Antarctic are privileged locations for observers interested in understanding how our world is shaped by the forces of nature and the workings of history. These areas have inspired countless humans to undertake epic expeditions of discovery and have witnessed both great triumphs and miserable defeats. As a planetary litmus paper it is at the poles we can detect the effects of natural oscillations and human activities on the global ecosystems.


118 A (very special) Polar Year

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In this year's review of the year we look back on an interesting but exciting year with 37 episodes that brought us plenty of ice, the mysterious case of a lost propeller blade, the almost uncovered largest oil spill in the Arctic, the impact of COVID on polar research and of course our little cultural getaway with the Voices of the North 5-part mini series. Thanks to all of you who tune in and send us feedback and Happy New Year 2021!


 2021-01-05  34m