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episode 14: Rendlesham Forest UFO/UAP Incident


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BBC News

Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting 'new evidence' claim

July 13, 2015


Encounter in Rendlesham Forest: The Inside Story of the World's Best-Documented UFO Incident 

by Nick Pope  (Author), John Burroughs (Author), Jim Penniston  (Author)

April 15, 2014


Fade to Black with Jimmy Church

Episode 576, Jimmy Church w/ John Burroughs : Rendlesham Revisited 

December 21, 2016


Fade to Black with Jimmy Church

Episode 982 Jimmy Church w/ John Burroughs : Rendlesham The Last Word

January 23, 2019


Ministry of Defence

The National Archives

Archived on 10 Nov 2012

UAP in the UK Air Defence Region: Volume 2


The Basement Office

Episode 5 | Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident Part 1 | Real evidence & witnesses | The Basement Office

Premiered Jun 26, 2019


The Basement Office

Episode 6 | Rendlesham Forest UFO encounter Part 2 | Binary Code & Jim Penniston 

Premiered July 10, 2019


Unsolved Mysteries

Season 4, Episode 1

Bentwaters UFO (Pts. 1 & 2)


UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record 

By Leslie Kean



 2021-01-06  42m