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episode 39: 39: FIFA Is F1's Official Video Game

FIFA is Formula 1's "official" video game, at least if you ask the drivers. In fact, Max Verstappen's traveling console is state-of-art. In this FIFA obsession, did Formula 1 miss a trick in not promoting 'F1 2019', the sport's official video game? Or maybe FIFA is what Formula 1 needs to announce as the sport's official game. Bernie Ecclestone would've blown a fuse seeing Formula 1 drivers promoting Football! In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we discuss Lewis Hamilton's 'go vegan' message while applauding Mercedes for securing a record-breaking 6th championship double. Formula 1 politics are working overtime as the sport works on finalising the regulations from 2021. We discuss some of the rule changes that should come through despite opposition from teams. Why Formula 1 won't host qualifying and the race on the same day. Finally, Carlos Sainz Jr. may be 'Mr. Invisible' in Formula 1, but definitely not on our podcast. Tune in! (Season 2019, Episode 39) Here's what's in store for you in this episode: 1. FIFA as Formula 1's official game, Max Verstappen as Game Director 2. Robert Kubica-Haas - a win-win for both; Haas get an experienced driver at the cheapest possible cost 3. Carlos Sainz Jr.'s attempt at building an alternative to his Formula 1 career 4. Forget 2021, Formula 1 is already discussing power unit regulations for 2025 - just how much percentage of a Formula 1 car is powered by electric power, do you know? 5. We're betting against George Russell and will win his house at the end of the 2020 Formula 1 season 6. Eddie Irvine's pro-Charles Leclerc statements. Is he trying to please Ferrari? Or is just he just repeating what we've been discussing on the Inside Line F1 Podcast? Image courtesy: EA Sports


 2019-10-17  19m