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episode 1: 1: Un-resolutions For F1 2020

Our first episode of 2020! New Year resolutions are passé, so in this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast ( , we discuss un-resolutions for several Formula 1 teams and drivers. Basically, what should drivers not do, but will anyway do in 2020. For e.g.: Lando Norris said that he wants to be 'less funny' in 2020! In our list, we've got un-resolutions for several teams and drivers. Also in this episode, we discuss if Liberty Media should change their name to Liberty Motorsport given their interest in purchasing Motorsport series world over. Did you know that Liberty Media almost bid for the IndyCar? The biggest loser in Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen's early lock-in with their teams? The silly season for the 2021 Formula 1 season! For now, tune in! (Season 2020, Episode 01) 03:00-06:00 - Is the 2020 Formula 1 season the 70th or 71st season of the sport? 06:00-09:00 - The 'un-resolution' list for Lance Stroll - what records could Stroll Jr. achieve in Formula 1? After all, his family is investing a fortune in the sport. Guenther Steiner will fight with Gene Haas to retain Romain Grosjean in Haas, but he won't convince Gene to remain invested in his Formula 1 team. The strange bromance between Steiner-Grosjean! 09:00-12:00 - Lando Norris, will he be the next junior driver to be awarded a long term contract? Is this where the now-forgotten Norris-Mercedes rumours come to attention again? 12:00-15:00 - Liberty Media's un-resolution in 2020 is to overwork everyone in Formula 1! There's 22 races in 2020 and the possibility of 25 races in 2021. 15:00-21:00 - The list of un-resolutions for Ferrari; and they get more than one. Why? Because we want to be in line with their historic bonuses in Formula 1. Also, what phone technology does Mattia Binotto use? 21:00-end - Where there's HAM, there'll be a Wolf(f) to eat it! The list of un-resolutions for Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff. Also, let's build a list of excuses for Renault to use in 2020 already. Subscribe: iTunes ( , audioBoom ( (RSS feed for all devices), Spotify ( and Google Podcasts ( Official Page: Facebook ( Follow our hosts on Twitter: Mithila Mehta ( and Kunal Shah ( Music courtesy: Lucien Byfieldt ( Image courtesy: Google


 2020-01-08  28m