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episode 5: 5: F1 Testing: Spying Is The Best Form Of Flattery

The first official pre-season test of the 2019 Formula 1 season has only just concluded. Apart from Ferrari and Alfa Romeo's radically different (and similar?) front wings, what was our highlight of the test? This Ferrari engineer spying the Mclaren car in a not so spy-like manner. Given how testing form goes, we say that spying is the best form of flattery. Will Mclaren use this image in their sponsor presentations for the season? 

In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we also talk about the other struggling Formula 1 veteran team, Williams and why it is important that fans rally in support of rather than succumb to jokes on the struggling former World Champion team. Finally, we sum up the news from the test, Rich Energy's desperate and embarrassing attempts to compete with Red Bull and how Renault needs to do better for Daniel Ricciardo, on and off track. Tune in! 

(Season 2019, Episode 05) 

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 2019-02-21  24m