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episode 8: 8: Why We Want Season 2 Of Drive To Survive, Netflix-F1 Show

The Netflix-Formula 1 documentary has taken the world by storm. Yes, we mean the entire world and not just the smallish-large world of Formula 1 fans. While Formula 1 is hoping that the documentary brings newer audiences to the sport, we're wondering how many Formula 1 fans bought a Netflix subscription to watch the series. The reverse cross-over, as we call it in this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast ( .  Also in this episode, we wonder if Bernie Ecclestone is actually fiddling with race hosting contract extensions. By the way, Ecclestone should totally star in this documentary, if there is a Season 2 in production - and there should absolutely be one! Also, did Formula 1 foot the expensive production bill of this documentary or could this be an ancillary revenue opportunity? The documentary is just so awesome that we have spoken about it in length. But this episode also has more - like Red Bull Racing re-promoting Daniil Kvyat, the trigger for Valtteri Bottas' love for dogs and finally, our view of the 2019 Formula 1 Season opening launch event from Melbourne. Tune in! (Season 2019, Episode 08) 0:00-3:00: Formula 1 should just race all through the year. We tell you how it can be made possible. Also, our view on the 2019 Formula 1 Season launch event in Melbourne.  3:00-6:00: The Netflix-Formula 1 documentary - a fantastic marketing exercise by Formula 1? And thank you Ferrari and Mercedes for ignoring this documentary. No, seriously! Also, how many Formula 1 fans bought Netflix subscriptions only to watch this documentary?  6:00-9:00: If you could pick ONE star of the Netflix-Formula 1 documentary, who would it be? The documentary is doing to Formula 1, what Rush did back in the days. Good work, Formula 1  9:00-12:00: Bernie Ecclestone should be in season 2 of the Netflix-Formula 1 documentary. But will he mind that the documentary is available behind a pay-wall and via online streaming? 12:00-15:00: Should Formula 1 races be shorter? Valtteri Bottas wants to beat everyone in 2019, can he? Will he? 15:00-18:00: Could life come a full-circle for Daniil Kvyat? Could he be promoted for the second time to Red Bull Racing? 18:00-21:00: A round-up of the Hong Kong ePrix with Ashley Blutman  The Inside Line F1 Podcast, a top-rated podcast on iTunes and audioBoom, is hosted every week by Mithila Mehta and Kunal Shah. This podcast offers a humourous view on the sport and business of Formula 1. Subscribe: iTunes ( , audioBoom ( (RSS feed for all devices) and Google Podcasts ( Official Page: Facebook ( Follow our hosts on Twitter: Mithila Mehta ( and Kunal Shah ( Image courtesy: Yahoo


 2019-03-13  22m