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episode 40: 40: Liberty Media's Formula 1, Finally

Since buying Formula 1 in 2017, Liberty Media finally have control over all major elements that define the series - a budget cap, new regulations and the recently signed Concorde Agreement. Helmets off to Liberty Media for delivering these radical changes despite the challenges thrown by the ongoing pandemic. And of course, it's great that all 10 teams will continue in the sport till at least 2025.

In this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast ( , Mithila and Kunal talk about Mercedes' debrief videos on social media - do rival teams use them for educational purposes? Also, what's the purpose of Ferrari's 'hourglass challenge' videos? Lando Norris needs to host a 'champagne popping masterclass' - others are failing miserably while trying to replicate his trick. We tell you why the machines were right in the AWS Fastest Formula 1 Driver Rankings and more. Tune in!

(Season 2020, Episode 40)

Here's what's in store for you in this episode: 0:00-5:00 - Liberty Media stage managed the signing of Concorde Agreement very well

5:00-10:00 - Chase Carey has delivered what Liberty Media set out to do when they bought the sport from Bernie Ecclestone in 2017. Btw, Ecclestone offered an interesting insight on why he paid Ferrari a higher sum than the others

10:00-15:00 - The machines played it safe with the AWS fastest Formula 1 driver ranking by getting the top-3 rankings right. More on the 'ban on engine modes in qualifying', we simplify why the FIA are forcing this rule. It's not about slowing down Mercedes

15:00-20:00 - Mercedes' debrief videos on social media - do rival teams use them to train their strategists? Btw, you HAVE to tune in to one of Ferrari's 'hourglass challenge' videos. Tommy Hilfiger falling prey to the typical depiction of a female Formula 1 fan - we disapprove!

20:00-25:00 - Helmut Marko needs to be more gracious in Red Bull Racing's repeated defeat to Mercedes.

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 2020-08-24  23m