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episode 16: How Jeanie Buss Made History... Guest, New York Times features reporter Katie Rosman

When the Lakers won their 17th championship this fall, it was history on a few levels. One piece that may not have received enough attention? Jeanie Buss became the first woman to lead a team to a title in American team sports as an owner. We spoke with Katie Rosman, features reporter at the New York Times, who authored an excellent story about Buss earlier this week.

We covered a great deal of ground, including questions about...

-What drew her to the story, and why, particularly as a reporter working outside of sports for readers who are also not necessarily steeped in the spots world, this story matters.

-What has made Buss successful, after a difficult transition following the death of her father? What motivates her?

-What qualities does she exhibit that run counter to expectations?

-How would things like posing for Playboy or dating the coach be perceived today?

-Rosman profiled Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder, who is widely reviled as an owner, running an organization that devolved into a mysoginistic boys club. Could what happened in Washington happen under a female owner? What does that say about the need to have women in powerful positions?

It's a great conversation built on an outstanding profile.

We close by talking about Buss's growth as an owner. What's different now? How has she improved, and what does it mean going forward?


 2021-01-07  55m