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episode 594: Chastity Does Not Come Cheap - Tech reaction to DC insurrection, CES 2021, sea-shanty TikTok

  • A look at Sea-shanty TikTok!
  • How Twitter, YouTube, Parler, Amazon, and AirBnB responded to DC insurrection
  • Jeff Jarvis talks about Parler and Trump on BBC
  • Angela Merkel does not agree with Twitter deplatforming Trump
  • Is Leo missing anything by not being on Twitter?
  • Mike Masnick weighs in on Twitter's Trump ban
  • The cybersecurity scenario from the DC riot is a nightmare
  • The Digital Consumer Electronics Show 2021 is just not the same
  • TCL shows off its rollable and scrollable prototypes
  • LG gives a release date for its rollable device
  • Razer unveils a smart mask that is quite innovative
  • Android Auto to gain wallpaper support
  • Guest Mode, aka Incognito Mode, is out on Assistant speakers
  • Google fixes a bug in its Android COVID-19 API
  • Google Meet now has a troubleshooting menu
  • YouTube includes a new hashtag section
  • Google Maps shows a 2020 Timeline update
  • Weber has acquired smart oven maker June
  • WhatsApp exodus leads to spike in users for Signal
  • Craig Newmark funds Commission on Information Disorder
  • Former Trump cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs hired by SolarWinds
  • Github fired an employee for warning co-workers about Nazis
  • Quibi sold for less than $100M to Roku


  • Mathew: My new favorite word
  • Jeff: $428b in shopping returns
  • Ant: Tourbox NEO

Photo by Kyle Mills on Unsplash

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Ant Pruitt

Guest: Mathew Ingram

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 2021-01-14  1h47m