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Determination by Dean Parrish

Label: Boom 60016
Year: 1966
Condition: M-
Price: $120.00

Talk about great dance music! With this little 45, you get two dynamite dancers. Both are well worth seeking out, but I particularly liked the B side, so check out the mp3 "snippet" I just added to our online "jukebox." By the way, I checked, and this original 45 version of "Determination" is not available on iTunes. I'm not sure where the Stereo-mix, 48-second-longer version of the tune comes from that's on iTunes; perhaps it's a re-recording for an album made for a later company... There was no Boom LP for Dean Parrish, just 45s. So this will get added to our "lost tunes" section of the site. Note: This beautiful copy comes in a vintage Boom Records factory sleeve. It grades very close to Mint across the board (Labels, Vinyl, Audio).


 2016-04-27  1m