Grown Local

Before weed delivery apps and dispensaries that look like day spas, a flourishing black market meant trading pounds of marijuana for thousands in cash.Comedian Billy Wayne Davis (Conan, Last Comic Standing) sits down alongside co-host and organic cannabis grower Mike McGowan to talk with these criminals-gone-corporate as they spill the bong water on everything from evading police to making a living in a legalized world.Funny, brutally honest, and, at times, shocking interviews leave listeners feeling like they're eavesdropping on a drug deal. Davis and McGowan have a knack for making the mics feel invisible, creating a rich living history of a soon-to-be forgotten world of prohibition pot.This is Grown Local.


episode 4: Nat & Halle

Billy Wayne & Mike go deep into the redwoods to visit the farm operation of Humboldt Seed Company. Nat and his daughter Halle talk quality peaches, the pollination process, how to spot a chopper from 3 hills away, and so much more.

Grown Local is produced by SLEE.


 2020-09-04  1h37m