Becoming Bridge Builders

Racial equity, anti-racism, and critical race theory are terms that are breaking us as a community. This podcast seeks to focus on these diverse issues. We will delve deeper into the subjects many are reluctant to debate. I don’t consistently agree with my guest, nor do they always see events from my Christian viewpoint. But here we create a safe space for discussion. You can’t understand if you merely have one side of history. The aim here is to get to the core of the issues. There are individuals who are hurting, and their issues are being disregarded or avoided. On this podcast, we analyze ways to build bridges over the streams of disharmony. The focus will be on practical solutions to complex issues. Only truth can build the bridge to wholeness. Hosted by B. Keith Haney, pastor and thought leader.


episode 9: Leading Your Church Through a Leadership Transition [transcript]

In today's episode, we are going to talk about leading your church through a pastoral leadership change.  Jim Collins (the author of Good to Great" said "You're going to die, retire, quit, or get fired. "You'll not pastor your church forever. Now, consider this, what will happen to your church after you are dead, retired, quit, or fired? The greatest hindrance to the ongoing success of an organization is the charismatic leader who founded it,” he continued."
Transition is an inescapable part of leadership, but how you manage the transition is what is the most important. Over my 27 years of ministry, I experienced three major leadership transitions. Today my guest is Pastor Mark Brandt. Administrative Pastor St. Lorenz Lutheran Church Frankenmuth, MI. He is retiring at the end of 2020 and he shares with us wisdom from his vast years of experience. 

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 2020-10-01  28m