Horror Fictional and True Stories

All of the stories on this podcast are use used with the express permission of the author & Dr. Creepen Van Pasta are in the Creative Commons or are in the Public Domain. If this is in question you can contact him Email legendsoftheashes@gmail.com Fictional & True Stories from anything like Rest Stop Stories to the Deep Web. Hope You Enjoy!



Scary Stories Told in the Rain (6 Hours of Scary Stories)

6 hours of scary stories told in the pouring rain to help you get to sleep... Our first terrifying tale of the macabre is the ‘The train I'm on hasn't stopped driving for 17 days’, an original work by the wonderfully talented Richard Saxon. Our second fantastic offering is ''The Horror at the Gideon Farm'', an original work by Carlos Pandiella. Our next tale of terrifying genetic mutation, originally titled ‘The Porcine Horror’, is a wonderful story By Bear Lair 64. The fourth fantastic tale of terror is all four parts of the wonderful ''Welcome to the Psych Lab'', an original work by likeeyedid. The fifth story is ‘The Inheritance Game: What would you be willing to do for $300 million’, a wonderful story By Mandahrk. Next we have a penultimate tale of terror is ''The Social Experiment'', an original work by likeeyedid. Narrated & Music by Dr. Creepen van Pasta. Other music used is credited to the fantastic Tanner Stokes (end credits).


 2021-01-17  6h17m