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RSA 01/18/2021

I'm getting far enough ahead of myself that I'm having trouble figuring out "Which show did I record for this week?" My record keeping/organization isn't set up for multiple shows. But it has given me a lot of breathing room, and I don't feel rushed to get a good product out on time. So there are some definite benefits! The membership drive pages are up, simply so I get get my ducks in a row. 2 weeks until both the membership drive and the 23rd anniversary! Aghast View - TrendsetterVyrtual Zociety - Again The SunStellar Dynamics - Dark Technology 2020J Dead - Feeding On Me (Grendel)Devil-M - Marylin Medusa (Eggvn)Dimitri Berzerk - Ctrl+Alt+Del (Delectro)FabrikC - X3 (2020 Club)Monsmeg - ROT (Centhron)


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