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Benjamin Light and Marco Sparks break down each episode of Pretty Little Liars in ever increasing detail. This feed covers Pretty Little Liars seasons 1-7 and The Perfectionists season 1.


PLL Commentary - s01e07 “The Homecoming Hangover”

This week on the pod: is Toby dead? That’s right, we’re doing our commentary track for Pretty Little Liars s01e07 “The Homecoming Hangover.” Jenna has a creepy dog that talks to Emily and tells her to kill. Spencer walks into the club kitchen like she owns the place, because she practically does. Sean tries to show up Hanna by sending flowers to Aria, and the Shusher shuts that right down with extreme prejudice, and then interrogates substitute Sara Shepard about Ezra Fitz’s whereabouts.


 2021-01-18  54m