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Almost everyone has gone through a break up. Every episode Christine will peek into different break up stories, whether it be with an ex-partner or an ex-friend.



Episode 9: Jasmine and the Estranged Grandma

My guest today is Jasmine. She was born and raised in Chicago. She is a Ball State alum and works in the marketing department at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. In this episode, Jasmine talks about the highs and lows of her relationship with her grandma, her thoughts on why they aren’t close anymore and how she feels about the meaning of family. Please follow us on Instagram @obliteratepodcast. Also, to find out more about Jasmine follow her on insta @oompaloompaah.Black lives matter. There are many ways you can help the cause of racial injustice and support the Black Lives Matter movement. Here are some organizations that I think could help make a difference and need your support:Black Lives Matter ACLU Racial Justice ProgramNAACP Legal Defense Fund   


 2020-06-09  31m