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Working is inherently good. Most people have worked or will work for a period of time in life. My passion is derived by the talents, skills, desires, and motivations of people like you. You are the one who helps us all. From the family unit or in the skyline of universal connections, we all have a valuable part to play and our work is a direct contributor to this connection. I believe that we are not only connected through our work, but we are encouraged, reminded, led, and mentored by one another, based on life and work experiences. I do not believe that we can do it alone, no matter the job, because we require human interaction, through any means necessary, and this podcast will be here for you. You are the most valuable asset to @WhyWeWork, because I want to talk to you about why you do what you do or what you would like to do, in terms of work. And others, like you, want to hear about what gets you up each day and what drives you to keep keeping on, even during the hard times...



episode 97: #97 Ferris Kennedy & Dr. Ian Clarke - The Ferris Wheel Classic Rock Show - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Ferris Kennedy, Dr. Ian Clarke, and Steven Wheeler are the host of The Ferris Wheel Classic Rock Show Podcast. They are a 60s, 70s, 80s Classic Rock podcast that brings experience, research, entertainment, and humour to their show. Tune in and keep rockin'.

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"This award-winning podcast combines knowledge, humor, and reckless behavior, never apologizing, never repeating, always delivering the goods on what makes classic rock classic. The three amigos - Steven Wheeler, Ferris Kennedy, and Dr. Ian Clarke - risk their semi-professional reputations and interpersonal bonding to keep you informed, entertained, and intellectually shamed.

Three ill-equipped men on an unexplored, dangerous voyage into the dark labyrinth of classic rock and roll. We don't know the word 'trivia'. Everything is important. Listen in - and bring it all back to life!" (LinkedIn, 2021)


 2021-01-26  49m