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The Make Money Your Honey Podcast hosted by Amazon best-selling author and millennial personal finance blogger Amanda Abella, is a podcast dedicated to everything you need to know about millennials, marketing and money in the new economy. From personal finance topics like paying off student loans and credit cards to online business and expert interviews, this show aims to help millennials everywhere build a better relationship with their work and their money. It’s a new kind of podcast for a new kind of generation that craves flexibility, abundance and a fulfilling career.


episode 169: Your New Money Mindset Foundation, with Harriette Hale - Part 2

Debt is NOT a Four-Letter Word

We've all been conditioned to believe that debt is a dirty word and that it comes with a plethora of negative connotations. What we need to keep in mind is that debt is another form of currency and abundance. Debt can be used to create tangible and physical for us in our personal and business endeavors.

When you come into debt through this journey, your result is always abundance. Even if you invest in coaches and perhaps don't get the results you want, you may have received the results you needed. There's always lessons to learn when we don't get what we want. Remember, you need to keep moving towards abundance, even if that means acquiring debt to get to your end goal.

Remember, when you’re moving forward in your journey to own your abundance. Remove your guilt and shame, move forward, and claim your abundance. Your energy needs to flow through the path of least resistance. Since we have all been raised in a world that operates on duality. Duality needs to exist for purposes such as the patriarchal paradigm to thrive. These ways can only thrive with our division. When we are divided as a human race, as a couple, sex, species, gender, culture, and community, these factions can exist and thrive.
Be a part of the movement towards abundance, your higher-self and a higher vibration for all of humanity!

Listen in to find out:

  • The four causes of debt shame and guilt
  • Why conscience debt is good for you
  • How to use debt to collapse timelines
  • Learning to ask for what you need
  • How to own your own brand of abundance
  • Leaving guilt and shame out of your life and replacing it with abundance

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 2021-01-26  33m