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Working is inherently good. Most people have worked or will work for a period of time in life. My passion is derived by the talents, skills, desires, and motivations of people like you. You are the one who helps us all. From the family unit or in the skyline of universal connections, we all have a valuable part to play and our work is a direct contributor to this connection. I believe that we are not only connected through our work, but we are encouraged, reminded, led, and mentored by one another, based on life and work experiences. I do not believe that we can do it alone, no matter the job, because we require human interaction, through any means necessary, and this podcast will be here for you. You are the most valuable asset to @WhyWeWork, because I want to talk to you about why you do what you do or what you would like to do, in terms of work. And others, like you, want to hear about what gets you up each day and what drives you to keep keeping on, even during the hard times...



episode 98: #98 Riana Milne - Life, Love, & Trauma Recovery Coach - BrianVee WhyWeWork

Riana Milne is a Life, Love, and Trauma Recovery Coach and best selling author of over seven books, intimate coaching sessions, masterclasses, self-study courses, and evergreen programs. Riana's mission is to help people diagnose childhood and love traumas and to live a fulfilling and joyful life despite past difficulties. Also, Riana helps single people and couples with dating and relationship success. Furthermore, Riana teaches females how to have a mindset for success. With Riana's education and experience, she is more than qualified, as well as having a heart of compassion, to help people succeed in life and in their relationships.

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* Certified Singles & Couples Relationship Coach with The
Relationship Coaching Institute,
FL - LMHC/Prov; CAP - Cert. Addictions Counselor
CCTP - Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
* NJ Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
* Licensed & Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (LCADC)
* Student Assistance Counselor/Substance Awareness
Coordinator for schools Grades K-12 (SAC),
* Cert. Compulsive Gambling Counselor (CCGC),
* Teacher of Psychology – Certificate of Eligibility for NJ,
* MA in Applied Clinical Psychology-92 Master’s Credits for
Licensure- Rowan Univ, NJ. GPA 3.98,
* Owner, Program Director, Instructor and Agent for Riana
Model & Talent School/Agency, Erie, PA; a State
licensed, 3-time Internl Award winning school for
Educational Excellence & Talent School /Year.,
* 1979-1975 BA in Speech Communications, Broadcast & Business Marketing Major; minors in Public Relations &
Dramatic Arts - Penn State University, State College, PA.-
Major GPA 3.5.
* Radio & TV Broadcast Licensed Talent.

Public Speaker; Life, Motivational & Relationship Coach, Marketing & PR Pro, Teacher, Author of Book Watch Me! Motivational Self-Help book, Radio Broadcast license & Air Personality, TV Talent, writer for various magazines/newspaper Advice Columnists, prior Talent Manager, holistic health/fitness. Runner-up: Miss & Mrs. America Contests. I'm a high-energy, motivated, Spiritual people person.Therapist seen on NBC TV News report: “Helping our Children & Teens through the Tragedy of 911.”" (LinkedIn, 2021)


 2021-01-27  59m