Project Woo Woo

Project Woo Woo is a podcast from comedian Lisa Orkin. Part interview, part biography, part parody. Lisa uses her Hollywood friends to play famous figures both living… and dead. Lisa has chatted with the likes Jesus, Dr. Ruth, Eddie Van Halen, Eckhart Tolle, and Ann Frank to name a few. Real conversations with imaginary people.


episode 1: Between The Bushes (Episode 1)

Project Woo Woo is interrupted this week with the first episode of my scripted comedy Lisa Upside Down

Episode 1

Meet Lisa. A mom, a wife, and a daughter whose life is on the precipice of turning completely upside down. We follow Lisa as she embarrasses her son, spies on her husband, buys bathing suits with her mom and meets a couple of dudes that catch her when she falls.

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 2021-01-28  18m