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Almost everyone has gone through a break up. Every episode Christine will peek into different break up stories, whether it be with an ex-partner or an ex-friend.



Episode 22: Jocelyn and the Ex-Husband

My guest today is Jocelyn. She’s a storyteller, a podcaster and a break up to wake up coach living in Colorado. In this episode, Jocelyn talks about the relationship she had with her ex-husband and how this relationship made her go from not speaking her mind to finding her voice and confidence again. Please follow us on Instagram @obliteratepodcast, TikTok, Twitter or like us on Facebook and if you have any questions about the episode or want to be a guest feel free to reach out by emailing obliteratepodcast@gmail.com. Also, to find out more about Jocelyn, please follow her on Instagram @whatsyourleap or https://calendly.com/speakwithjocelyn.


 2021-01-29  42m