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Agent Orange - Sprayed and Betrayed

Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio presents Army veteran Gerry Wright and the significance of Agent Orange support needed today. When Admiral Zumwalt authorized the use of Agent Orange, the full extent of the dangers of exposure to this defoliant was unknown. Agent Orange was sprayed to rid the undergrowth of the jungle where the war was being fought – but it was also sprayer on food supply chains, drinking water, it flowed in the rivers, and Navy and brown water sailors used the contaminated water for ballast – and drinking water after filtration that concentrated the dioxin levels. Sprayed from aircraft, it was often mixed with jet fuel to better adhere to the leaves – in three days, the foliage was gone, but the dangerous effects continue. Join us; also on iTunes and more at Everyone serves and together we make a difference


 2020-09-09  42m