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episode 53: Episode 53 - House Grooves Sesh !

The Twilight Lounge Episode 53 - House Grooves Sesh~ You will notice a more Disco and Jackn’ house feel in this show and the last 2 songs are one my most favorite blasts from the past. So get ready to dance your ass off for over 90 minutes and you can thank me later …..


House Music LIVES at The Twilight Lounge mixed A-Live by Yours Truly, DJ Ash. 

Check Out the set list below:

----more---- 1. Love Reaction 2. We Work So Good 3. Levitating 4. Set Me Free 5. Rhythm of the Night  6. What You Feel 7. It is What it Is  8. Bayside 9. Share 10. Gypsy Woman  11. Underwater 12. There For You 13. I Don’t Need Love 14. Move Your Body 15. You 16. So Free 17. Come to Me 18. Let Me Think About it 19. Let’s Love 20. Sunshine & Happiness 21. Good For Me 22. Take Me Away 23. So Many Times 

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 2021-02-05  1h38m