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episode 24: MGoPodcast 12.20: Novak Flushed It

The Guest

Zack Novak joined us for a segment, which is reason enough to put his Chicks Dig Scars shirt back up (think they’re organized by date created so you have to scroll to the end). Worth noting that Spike Albrecht does not have a shirt in the MGoStore.

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1. Football Recruiting Doesn’t Suck Again

starts at 1:00

Mo Linguist has been loosed in the Volunteer state and is making it into the new Massachusetts. Also three DTs, one or two or all three perhaps ticketed for nose, when it looked like none.

The rest of the writeup and the player after The Jump]

2. Gimmicky Top Five Elements to Add to New NCAA Game

starts at 26:00

I didn’t realize this would be serious things until right before the podcast so I’ll have to write an extensive article about all of my ideas later. More or less we’re looking for a Crusader Kings II version of dynasty mode, with the Madden engine and more cheating.

3. Big Ten Shootaround

starts at 49:15

We go over what we’ve watched of the league. Illinois has figured out how to get Ayo right, Wisconsin can’t get Reuvers fixed and dies on the nights their fives can’t hit a three. Ohio State is weird, gets to the line, and can’t be ignored—credit to Chris Holtmann, who can’t recruit for some reason. Also Iowa: should they ever try to play defense? Also Michigan State.

4. The Zack Novak Hour

starts at 1:29:52

The true story of the legendary dunk contest. The Twitter beef with former Purdue point guard Spike Albrecht. Playing for Beilein. The secrets of Sanderson revealed!


  • “Scratch My Itch"—The Soul Snatchers
  • “Getting On in Spite of You”—Remember Sports
  • “War”—Mos Def
  • “Across 110th Street”


 2021-02-08  1h50m