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Welcome to The Dive, a weekly podcast hosted by Kobe, Azael, and MarkZ that takes a closer look at the world of League of Legends esports and the NA LCS. Releasing every Thursday at 6am PT/9AM ET, the gang will be diving into the biggest international news, meta shifts and solo queue trends, and in-depth analysis of the LCS. #TheDiveLOL


episode 41: The Dive | 2020 Worlds: Finals Reactions, Favorite Moments, & Espresso Machines = Cooking

In today's episode of The Dive presented by Honda (S4 E41), Azael, Kobe, and MarkZ give their reactions to 2020 Worlds most important match-up - Finals between DAMWON Gaming and Suning.  They also talk about their favorite moments, Seraphine, and why using an espresso machine equals or does not equal cooking.

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 2020-11-03  1h11m