The Business of Video Games - The Paradox Podcast

A podcast about the business of video games, by Daniel Goldberg and Shams Jorjani of Paradox Interactive.


episode 1: What Game Proposals Interest Paradox - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

Welcome to the Paradox Podcast! Paradox Interactive podcast about the business of video games where try to explain why we do the stuff we do.

Today, Shams and Daniel, go over what game pitches interest Paradox as a publisher, how to maximize the chances of your game being published by us, and what makes it less likely to be canceled on the way to the release. 


0:15 – Introduction & Daniel’s return

4:10 – What we’ve been playing

9:15 – Subject of the day: Game Pitch Assessment

12:57 – Game proposals vs PDX’s strategic goals

19:45 – Who we want to work with

22:58 – Expanding established PDX IPs

25:04 – Risk management & setting goals

33:22 - Assessing the game pitch 

40:00 – Wrapping up 

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Thanks for listening, and see you in the next episode, in 2 weeks!

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 2021-02-10  41m