The Truth

THE TRUTH makes movies for your ears. They're short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing. Every story is different, but they all take you to unexpected places using only sound. If you're new, some good starting places are: Silvia's Blood, That's Democracy, Moon Graffiti, Tape Delay, or whatever's most recent. Listening with headphones is encouraged! We're a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.


Shadow of the Hum

The hardest thing about living in a post-apocalypse is the loneliness. But what you do to cope could make things worse.

This story is the third in the “Hum” series. If you haven’t heard them already, please go listen to After the Hum and Into the Hum first.

Written by Chris Kipiniak.

Performed by James Dwyer, Michael Cullen, Chris Kipiniak, Jessica Morgan, Marisa Brau, Suzanne Toren, and Russell G. Jones.

The Truth




 2021-02-11  27m