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episode 220: The Comics Agenda: I Should Have Gone With The Hippopotamus

We start the night out talking about the Jokers new look in the new Justice League. Then we move onto another DC mistake and that is the news of Black Adam being renamed Shazadam. Why? And what would be some other ill-advised renaming. Speaking of bad ideas we discuss the rumored Wizard of Oz remake, and what other movies should people never remake?

A Stairway to heaven?
Michael brings us a story about a man who had a unique ay to honor his deceased uncle. 

This week we start with a return to the Last Witch and Scouts Honor before checking out the newest heros in Radient Black #1. Then its time for King In Black as we continue to work our way though the Marvel event. 

We discuss the latest from WandaVision and all the twists and turns throughout this very special episode.   

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 2021-02-12  1h52m