Espresso With Love

???????? Listen to "Espresso With Love" and Wake Up With A Smile!! Every Monday at 6AM EST! 15min of motivation, accountability and a ton of love! Jump your start your week with DISCO.


episode 161: Episode 161 - Espresso With LOVE - 1 LOVE Podcast

???? While most people pretend to fall in and out of love with other people, places and/or things. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and fell head over heels for yourself……? That is exactly what I thought!

???? It’s Episode 161 of Espresso with LOVE. Tune in and let me help you WAKE UP WITH A SMILE! 15min of Motivation, Information, Compassion and Fun!

????Thank you to Sahab Habibi @sahabhabibi for the sounds!

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 2021-02-15  17m