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episode 203: Alectrona Patch

Patch management is one of the most time consuming aspects of any admin. There have been a number of projects that have sought to make this easier for admins. Some of the earliest tools we used to admin devices such as Filewave’s File Sets were replaced with the package format at many a shop when we moved to PackageMaker and the early Casper Suite. But those meant each organization needed to do the same work on the 10 to 1,000 software titles. Then tools like AutoPkg, Jamf Patch, and Kinobi came where the community could share recipes for making packages automatically. This is mostly for software that isn’t yet on the App Store.

These days we see a lot of hybrid approaches. AutoPkg with Autopkgr going to munki or Jamf through JamJar or Kinobi picking up a feed. We’ve had people from each of those tools on in the past, so today we have Ryan from Alectrona here to talk about what he’s been doing in this space!

  • Ryan Ball
  • Tom Bridge - @tbridge777
  • Marcus Ransom - @marcusransom
  • Charles Edge - @cedge318


  • VMWare Workspace One
  • Halp
  • Watchman Monitoring

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 2021-02-15  1h3m