The Dental Up Podcast

Most dental podcasts are dentists talking to dentists about why they are so awesome. That’s gucci, but enough already. Listen to stories about dentists personal and professional lives. Their best day and worst day as a dentist. Their best and worst first date. Their best and worst employee. Always looking to provide some levity in a profession as demanding as dentistry.


episode 6: An Interview with Dr. Chad Duplantis

In this week’s episode Dr. Chad Duplantis shares with us how he became a dentist even though he was born to be a homicide detective. He tells us about an epic bike crash that he was lucky to ride away from, and a fight he got into defending the honor of a young woman, and who lost eight teeth. He reveals how his mentorship enables Drew Bree’s to have a Super Bowl career, and how a dentist recently threatened to kick his butt on a webinar while discussing…wait for it… radiation exposure amounts. 


 2021-02-18  1h5m