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episode 221: The Comics Agenda: An Episode Thirty Years In The Making

We start the show out talking about the recent controversy surrounding Gina Carano and her tweets. We get into the difference between cancel culture and if  an actors or actresses personal views have a n effect on if we can enjoy shows or movies they are in.

After talking about the Constantine reboot news we get into the rumors of a group that is trying to purchase DC comics. After clarifying that we are not those people we get into a discussion of what changes we would make if we were those people. 

I'd Like To Buy A Ranch
Michael brings us a story about a cattle ranch next to Area 51 that is for sale. Would we buy it and what would we do with it? Listen to the pod to find out.

This week we head back to the little town of Stillwater in issue number six of  Chip Zdarsky's creator owned book. Then we head  out on a road trip to Funville in Haha #2, before heading to New York for TMNT THe Last Ronin #2. Before heading over to the King In Black we head back to Alaska 30 years ago as Scott and Alex Summers search for their missing grandparents and along the way find much, much, more.

We finish the show up with this weeks King In Black choices including King In Black #4, Planet of the Symbiotes #2, Miles Morales Spider-Man, and finally Savage Avengers. 

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 2021-02-19  2h42m